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Letecká stovka is a mountain ultramarathon race and long distance march for individuals, which will take place on 8.-9. March 2025. The race course with total distance 105 km is situated in the Považský Inovec and Strážovské vrchy mountains in Slovakia. The organizer of the race is o.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL (association).

Since 2015 O.z. SLOVAK ULTRA TRAIL is a member of ITRA (International Trailrunning Association).



Please note, that Letecká 50 is a long distance march taking place as a separate event.


Men 50+ (age category for participants 50 years of age and older)

Women 50+ (age category for participants 50 years of age and older)

​Start fee:

?? EUR for one participant 


The payment information will be delivered to the registered participants via e-mail.

Number of participants:

Max. 200 participants 

Discounts based on ITRA performance index (category GENERAL):

Men with 700 and more points: discount 50%

Men with 800 and more points: discount 100%

Women with 550 and more points: discount 50%

Women with 650 and more points: discount 100%

Discounts are applicable only for the basic start fee (?? EUR)

How to find out the actual ITRA performance index: search with your name and surname on the  ITRA website, if your profile is found, click on it and search the New Performance Index in category GENERAL.

Check-in (where to collect your race bib):
On Friday 7. March 2025 you can pick up your race bib in Trenčín in the 
Sokolovňa building (Mládežníckej ul. 1445/2between 18.00 and 22.00 CET. On Saturday 8. March 2025 morning the check-in will take place in the same building between 05.00 and 05.40 CET.

On Saturday 8. March 2025 at 06.00 CET in Trenčín next to the Sokolovňa building (Mládežníckej ul. 1445/2).
 Please come to the start place early enough.


Aid stations and checkpoints:

There will be six aid stations with refreshments placed on the course. In the same places there will be also the checkpoints, mostly with electronic timekeeping. Here is the list of Letecká stovka aid stations/checkpoints including the link for online map, distance from start and time limit information.


Live checkpoints will be marked with labels including checkpoint number, name of the place, distance and time limit including distance and elevation to the next checkpoint with its time limit.

The organizer reserves the right to change the course and time limits of the checkpoints. In such case the registered participants will be informed via e-mail.

There will be no unstaffed checkpoints (like passwords, punches or similar). There will be at least one unannounced live checkpoint. One missing checkpoint results in disqualification of the participant.

The finish of Letecká stovka is in Trenčín in the 
Sokolovňa building (Mládežníckej ul. 1445/2). The total time limit for completing the Letecká stovka course is 25 hours (until 7.00 CET on Sunday 9. March 2025).


On 7th of March or on Saturday 8th of March morning (and during the race weekend) you can use the parking lot next to the next to the swimmingplace building in Trenčín (approx. 300 m from the check-in and start place). This parking lot is toll-free. Further information about parking in Trenčín can be found HERE. Parking next or in front of the Sokolovňa building (check-in, start and finish place) is not allowed.

Please note:

The organizer reserves the right to change the course, time limits of the checkpoints and event schedule or to cancel the event (especially for participants safety reason). In such case the registered participants will be informed via e-mail.

The transport of participants to the race (or to the race start) is not a service provided by the race organizer. The race organizer does not provide transport for participants, who will quit during the course (DNF). For public transport information from Bezovec from a place 1,3 km from the K3 Šport Chata aid station, please see the following document.

A drop bag service will be available to runners at the K4 Duchonka aid station at the 62nd kilometer. For more information, please see the Drop Bags section.

During the race please ensure sufficient beverages and food / energy supply. There will be aid stations placed on the Letecká stovka course (6) with food and beverages (including sports drink, magnesium, salt and grape sugar). In case you are using energy bars, salt sticks, energy gels, please add your own ones to your bag.

The weather is an important factor for a 100 km ultratrail race. Take care of your safety - Letecká stovka is a WINTER sports event. Please check the weather forecast and adjust your equipment and clothes properly. Do not make light of the equipment and especially clothes (including spare clothes)! Please read the information about recommended equipment.

The race organizer will follow the weather forecasts also during the race. In case of a situation which would present a risk for the participants they will be informed by the race organizer.

Course conditions information (during the week before race):

  • Crossing of the main road to Bánovce nad Bebravou (direction Beckov) - use the underpass (own marking placed there)

  • Close to Beckov and before K1 checkpoint - the river Váh dam joins the asphlat road for approx. 300 meters and then leaves it again.

  • Blue marked tourist path to Panská Javorina - the path is damaged due to timber harvesting in one place, it can be bypassed without problems. 

  • The passage at "Horáreň pod Kostolným vrchom" -part of the course is muddy with more difficult orientation - own marking placed in shorter intervals

  • Prieľačina - a passage with more difficult orientation and with own marking placed in shorter intervals. 

  • There are several fallen trees at the Považský Inovec ridge, this obstacles can be bypassed without problems.

  • Mníchova Lehota - Jarky - please be careful when crossing the main road - there is often a dense traffic. 

  • After crossing the main road there is also a railway crossing. 

  • Čiernachov - the tourist marking is damaged and there is also some timber harvesting mess, it can be bypassed. 

  • Čiernachovské lúky and the passage after is muddy. 

  • The passage before the Brezina forest park can be muddy after rain. 



Please send us all your questions and requests only via e-mail (we don's use Facebook messages for communication). Thank you.

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