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The participants of Letecká stovka can have their dropbags (small packages of gear) transported to the K4 Duchonka - Penzión Slniečko refreshment station (63 kilometers from the start). Dropbags cannot contain valuables or electronics that could be damaged or lost during transport.

Dropbags must be handed in at a designated area during the presentation in Trenčín. They must be clearly marked with the participant's start number. Labels for dropbags will be available at the presentation. The organizer does not provide bags or sacks for Dropbags. The maximum weight of a dropbag is 7 kg per participant.

After the time limit for the K4 Duchonka - Penzión Slniečko refreshment station has expired (after 20:30), the dropbags will be transported to the finish in Trenčín. They are expected to arrive in Trenčín at around 21:15 - 21:30 CET on Saturday.

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