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Accommodation in Trenčín


Accommodation in the Sokolovňa gymnasium:

The Letecká stovka participants have a possibility to stay overnight in the gymnasium of Sokolovňa in Trenčín. Accommodation will be available at 20.30 CET on Friday, however, after 18.00 CET you can already leave your baggage in the Sokolovňa building. Before that please visit the check-in (presence) in the Lodenica building.

The possibility to stay overnight in the gymnasium is available for the Letecká stovka participants also for the night from Saturday to Sunday. It is necessary to book the accommodation in the registration form. The number of places is limited. The price for accommodation in the gymnasium is 5 EUR / 1 person / event, this will be added to the basic start fee.


Own groundsheet and sleeping bag is necessary. Showers will be available. On Friday 8. March 2024 the quiet hours for the participants staying overnight in the gymnasium begin at 23.00 CET.

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