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The main part of the Letecká stovka course is located in the Považský Inovec mountains in Slovakia. The final part from Mníchova Lehota to Trenčín is already in the Strážovské vrchy mountains.


With exception of the first part (this is mostly following the "Vážska cyklomagistrála" bike path) and with exception of the final passage in town Trenčín the whole course of Letecká stovka follows the marked tourist paths. The Letecká stovka 2024 course is certified by ITRA for 4 points.

The organizer reserves the right to change the course and time limits of the checkpoints. In such case the registered participants will be informed via e-mail.

Course parameters based on ITRA certification: 106 km (distance) / +3590 m (total elevation gain) / -3250 m (total elevation loss) 

Online course map

GPX file for download (please use this FILE, not an export from the online course map)

Course description (including tourist marking colours):

Own marking:

Trenčín, Sokolovna building (Mládežníckej ul. 1445/2) =>  "Vážskej cyklomagistrála"  bike path with exception of the passage next to the Krivosúd-Bodovka village and the passage before the village Beckov)


Green tourist mark:

The place, where the path following the river Váh dam meets the green tourist mark (turn left) => Beckov

Blue tourist mark:

Beckov => Kálnica => Piesky => Nad Izbou => Pod Ostrým vrchom


Red tourist mark:

Pod Ostrým vrchom => Sedlo pod Panskou Javorinou => Pod Prieľačinou => Zľavy => Sedlo pod Skalinami => Šport chata => Bezovec, rekreačné stredisko => Bezovec, bus => Horáreň pod Kostolným vrchom

Blue tourist mark:

Horáreň pod Kostolným vrchom => Nový majer => Dolina, chaty => Sedlo Holé brehy => Úhrad => Podhradie, chaty => Podhradie

Yellow tourist mark:

Podhradie => Odbočka do Podhradia

Blue tourist mark + own marking:

Turn off to Podhradia => Turn right to the refreshment station and control point K4 Duchonka, Pension Slniečko (Approx. 320 m long passage to the aid station and checkpoint K4) => Return to the blue trail along the same path back => Duchonka => Turn off to Nemečky (in the initial 700 m long section, you go along the "Forest Nature Trail Duchonka - Kulháň") => Kulháň => Panská Javorina => Sedlo pod Panskou Javorinou

Red tourist mark + own marking:

Sedlo pod Panskou Javorinou => Pod Ostrým vrchom => Tri boky => Nad Studnicami => Inovec => Pod Inovcom => Chata pod Inovcom => Mníchova Lehota, train station => Chata pod Ostrým vrchom => From the signpost, turn left uphill to the cottage below Ostrý Vrch K6 => Go back (for about 80m) to the signpost Chata pod Ostrým Vrchom and continue on the road you came from (for about 100 meters) on the red tourist mark and turn left => Soblahov => lesopark Brezina => Trenčín, Hotel Elizabeth 


Own marking:

Trenčín, Hotel Elizabeth => Trenčín, Sokolovna building (Mládežníckej ul. 1445/2)

Aid stations and checkpoints:

There will be six aid stations with refreshments placed on the course. In the same places there will be also the checkpoints, mostly with electronic timekeeping. Here is the list of Letecká stovka aid stations/checkpoints including the link for online map, distance from start and time limit information.


Live checkpoints will be marked with labels including checkpoint number, name of the place, distance and time limit including distance and elevation to the next checkpoint with its time limit.

There will be no unstaffed checkpoints (like passwords, punches or similar). There will be at least one unannounced live checkpoint. One missing checkpoint results in disqualification of the participant.

The finish of Letecká stovka is in Trenčín 
in the Lodenica building (Mládežníckej ul. 1445/2). The total time limit for completing the Letecká stovka course is 25 hours (until 07.00 CET on Sunday 10. March 2024).

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